1 MOA All Day Long

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  • Can I Shoot 1 MOA All Day? (Bloke/Polenar Challenge Accepted!)

    Bloke on the Range Challenge Video:

    Bloke and Žiga have challenged us - and you! - to shoot a 1 MOA group on demand, with a non-benchrest sort of rifle. The idea is that a whole lot of people will happily insist that their regular hunting rifle will quite easily shoo...

  • Enter The 1 MOA All Day Long (1MADL) Challenge: Can You Do It?

    In collaboration with @PolenarTactical , this is the official BotR announcement for the 1 MOA All Day Long (1MADL) Challenge!

    Even if you don't make 1 MOA, please send us your results anyway!

    TL;DR Rules:
    - Rifle under 10.5lb / 4.76 kg (cf. "Benchrest Sporter") EDIT: but see below...
    - 50 yds...

  • Bloke's 1MADL Entry: Did He One Em Oh Eh This Day?

    Mike (Bloke) 's entry to the 1 MOA All Day Long challenge, with:

    - .223 BMS CAM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQowfY9-dZM
    - .223 Schmeisser SP-15: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ey02Jls7R_Q

    What's the challenge all about? Well, it's a thang we're doing with @PolenarTactical and is looking...