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Watch this video and more on History of Weapons & War

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Steyr StG 77, aka the AUG

AR-18 Around the World • 17m

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    When the G11 program was cancelled and German reunified, the West German military was still using the 7.62mm G3 rifle, while the East German forces had AK-74 variants. Neither of these were suitable for a new unified German NATO-member Bundeswehr - a rifle in 5.56mm NATO was needed. Heckler & Koc...

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    HS Produkt of Croatia makes an interesting modern bullpup rifle, the VHS. The rifle has gone through several major design iterations in the past two decades or so, and the most recent version (the VHS-2) was part of the competition to replace the FAMAS in French military service. It ultimately pl...

  • SAR-80

    In the late 1970s Singaporean arms manufacturer Chartered Industries of Singapore (later known as ST Kinetics) sought a rifle to produce for domestic and export sale, they partnered with the UK's Sterling Armaments to produce an AR-18-inspired rifle, the SAR 80. Check out our detailed accompanyin...