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Watch this video and more on History of Weapons & War

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SA80 / L85A1 5.56mm/.223: Iron Sights At 100 And 300m. Includes M16A1 And SUSAT.

AR-18s (And it's Derivatives) At the Range • 32m

Up Next in AR-18s (And it's Derivatives) At the Range

  • VHS-2 Bullpup at the Range

    Yesterday we took a look at the inner workings of the VHS-2, and today we are going to put some rounds through it. I am trying out both a short-barreled VHS-K2 that was limited to 2-round burst (for French police trials) and a full-length VHS-F2 from French military trials.

    Overall, I quite l...

  • British L85A1 at the Range: Will It W...

    I am excited to have a chance today to take a trip to the range with a proper, factory L85A1 rifle (it's in the United States as a post-1986 dealer sample). I had a chance a while back to shoot one of these in the U.K., but I only had 10 cartridges to work with at that time. Today, I have several...

  • FS2000 at the Range

    The FS2000 is the semiauto civilian version of FN's F2000 bullpup rifle. It was designed for military use, but contracts have been well below FN's hopes - only Slovenia has decided to adopt it as a standard service weapon (several other nations have bought small quantities for specialized uses). ...