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  • Type 94 Japanese 37mm Antitank Gun on Guadalcanal

    The Type 94 was the standard infantry antitank gun of the Japanese Army during World Ware Two. It was developed in the early 1930s as tensions with the Soviet Union rose; there had not been much need for Japanese antitank weapons in China. However, high explosive ammunition was also made for the ...

  • Germany's Not-So-Light 5cm Le GrW 36 Light Mortar

    The 5cm 5CM Leichter Granatwerfer 36 was the standard German light infantry mortar going into World War Two. It was designed by Rheinmetall-Borsig in the mid 1930s and adopted in 1936. It fired a 0.9kg / 2 pound mortar bomb with a range of up to 550 meters. In theory, it occupied the same role as...

  • Germany's New Light Howitzer: the 7.5cm le.IG 18

    In the aftermath of World War One, every military force immediately began to assess what they thought was most important to improve in their arsenals for the next war. For Germany, one thing they felt lacking was a light howitzer that could be organic to infantry units, mobile enough to remain wi...

  • US M3 37mm Anti-Tank Gun (including slow motion!)

    US M3 37mm Anti-Tank Gun (including slow motion!)

  • 3.7cm PAK - Germany's Basic WWII Antitank Gun

    Germany developed its first 37mm (or as German designations put it, 3.7cm) antitank gun in the last months of World War One; a very simple design built using barrels from obsolete Hotchkiss revolving cannons. In the mid 1920s, the concept was reinvigorated by Rheinmetall, which developed a much m...

  • Cannon Shooting Compilation: 20mm to 76mm

    The end of the year means I am going to take a moment for a bit of a retrospective, this time on the cannons that have appeared on Forgotten Weapons over the years. From 20mm up to 76mm, let's enjoy some properly big guns!

  • Pak-40 German 75mm AT Gun Firing

    While we normally stick to small arms here, this beast of a gun was just way too impressive for me to not pay attention to. I was at a cannon and machine gun shoot just recently where some folks brought out what is (I believe) the only functional Pak-40 in the United States. And shot it.

    The P...

  • T124E2 76mm High Velocity Antitank Gun

    The T124E2 was the last US antitank gun, and was discontinued after only about 100 had been made - before it was put into service. It was a high velocity 76mm piece, and was replaced by the much smaller 75mm recoilless rifle.