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Watch this video and more on History of Weapons & War

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GM6 Lynx .50 BMG Bullpup at the Range

At The Range • 8m 6s

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  • FR-F2 French Sniper Rifle at the Range

    Today I've taken the FR-F2 to the range to try it out. I'm using the early French Army scope, an APX L806-04. This is a 3.85x optic basically modeled on the German WW2 ZF-4. It has a big simple German post reticle, and the -04 variation indicated that the BDC cam has been calibrated for 7.62mm NATO.

  • DS39 at the Range

    The DS-39 is an air-cooled heavy machine gun designed by Degtyarev, which was intended to replace the 1910 Maxim as the standard Soviet HMG. It was lighter and more mobile than the Maxim, and also offered two rates of fire for ground and anti-aircraft use. Testing all seemed to go well, and produ...

  • Zastava M91 at the Range

    Today I am out at the range with a new M91 from Zastava USA. This is the civilian version of the Serbian M91 sniper’s rifle, which was developed in the 1990s to replace the M76 in Serbian Army service. The M76 was chambered for 8mm Mauser, while the M91 uses 7.62x54R. Aside from a 3-position adju...