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Watch this video and more on History of Weapons & War

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Shooting the ZB-26: A Jewel of an Interwar Light Machine Gun

At The Range • 6m 28s

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    The Yugoslav M49/57 submachine gun looks very similar to the Soviet PPSh-41, but it constructed quite differently, and has a much larger recoil spring. The question is, how will it shoot? Will it be fast and controllable like the Papasha or slower like the Sudayev?

    Thanks to Marstar for lettin...

  • Shooting the Berthier Cuirassier Carbine

    The Cuirassier carbine is one of the very scarcest versions of the Berthier in the world, yet Patrick here is going to let me shoot a few rounds through his. My target is a steel plate at 300 meters, with a "feldgrau" silhouette - not visible through the camera, unfortunately.

    Thanks, Patrick!

  • Shooting a Type 99 Nambu in 7.62mm NATO

    Some older footage from the vault - this was a gun I bid on, but did not win. Didn't want to have the whole audience thinking about bidding against me...but now that it's been sold there's no reason not to post the video.

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