Black Powder Cartridge Firearms at the Range

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  • French 1867 (tabby) conversion part 2

    In part 2 we explore the why, who and how. Why was it adopted, who was it issued to and how was the conversion done. We also finally have some range time with it.

  • Bavarian M1869 Werder Shooting And Disassembly

    "I remember the first rifle ever given to me by my grandfather. It was a Werder's Original, and I was four"...

    The Chap takes his Bavarian 1869 Werder in 11x50R out to the range for a shoot, and then takes it back to the workshop to give its insides a good look-over.

    The Werder is rather th...

  • Shooting and reloading - the 1867 Werndl rifle in action

    Please support us at: Let's see how accurate the 1867 Werndl rifle is with cartridges reloaded without any special tools or die sets. Want to support our work? By a Capandball product: Magyar szöveg: h...

  • Shooting the 1867/77 Werndl rifle to 200 meters

    Please support us at: Inspired by british muzzleloader's youtube channel I decided to try my 1867/77 Werndl single shot Austro-Hungarian military rifle to 200 meters. What a beautiful day this was for shooting. Want to support our work? By a Capandball product: ...

  • Hunting wild boar with the 1867 Werndl rifle

    Please support us: For buying our Civil War cartridge boxes: This was the first time when I used my 1867 M Werndl rifle for hunting wild boar. The accuracy and power of this old iron always fascinates me. ...

  • Shooting the Swiss Model 1851 Feldstutzer rifle

    Please support us at Capandball's detailed study about the rifle: For buying our Civil War cartridge boxes: Now t...

  • Shooting the M 1867/77 Werndl rifle Part I

    Please support us at: In this part I present you the historical background and the most important technical parameters of the M 1867/77 Wernld rifle and cartridges. Magyar szöveg:

  • The Civil War Burnside carbine - shooting, history and impact

    Please support us at For buying Capandball Civil War cartridge boxes, cartridge formers, arsenal labels and US arsenal Stadias: or the Capandball webpage:

  • The 1860 Henry rifle

    Please support us at: Here is my impression of the Henry rifle with some historical background, target shooting, and of course some fun. This is one of the very first repeating rifles firing a metallic cartridge so it really plays an important part in firearms h...

  • Martini Henry Mk I/II to 500yds: Practical Accuracy - British Muzzleloaders

    Watch latest videos, sometimes even early releases! Sign up for the newsletter 🗞️ or Make no mistake: the Martini-Henry series of rifles were a wonder of their time. This example was from 1872, one of the first Martini-Henry Mk I rifl...

  • The Mk I Martini-Henry and the Mk I Lee-Metford: Rate of Fire Comparison

    In this episode of the Firepower series, we compare the Martini and the Lee-Metford

  • 2-Gun Match: Enfield Jungle Carbine & Martini-Henry

    I have been wanting to bring my new (to me) No5 MkI Enfield "Jungle Carbine" out to a match, and chose this month's 2G-ACM to do it. In addition I am joined by Tom, who is shooting an original Mk IV Martini-Henry, complete with black powder .577-450 ammunition.

    This was a three-stage match, b...

  • The Mk I Martini Henry: The 2018 Riflechair Cabin Fever Challenge

    This year's challenge features the Martini-Henry

  • .577/450 Martini-Henry 10 Rounds Rapid (Video Collaboration)

    Since the available .577/480" ammo didn't fit in the available Martini-Henry rifle when making the Great British Rates of Fire Disaster Video here:

    ... a friend of the channel who goes by the name of Stan_Da_Bout on the Army Rumour Service offered to...

  • The Mk I Martini-Henry: Rate of Fire Experiments

    Testing the Martini in rapid fire and applying the results to a tactical situation.

  • The Mk I Martini-Henry: Volley Firing Experiments

    A follow on to the "Rifle Exercises" clip. In this video we'll conduct an experiment to determine which set of drills (the pre and post 1881 versions) result in better accuracy.