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Bloke on the Range

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Bloke on the Range
  • Superglue and Hatred, Not Safe For YT Version: AK setup for Lynx Brutality 2024

    Bloke has again given in to peer pressure and will take a Chinesium AK, aka a Chinese Type 56S in the OG dropped butt configuration, to @PolenarTactical 's Lynx Brutality 2024 #LynxBrutality2024

    To keep up with Ian of @ForgottenWeapons and Ziga of Ponenar, he needs some upgrades. But what's ...

  • Varusteleka Remote Military March 2024: Murten to Sugiez

    Bloke, Chap and four other intrepid explorers, including @neutral_af (please give him a like and subscribe) go for a little 25km wander around the Murtensee an up Mont Vully. Includes a little look at a bunker and some lovely scenery despite the rain. Oh, and excellent organisation from Varuste...

  • Not BotR Unless Something Goes Wrong! CZ600 Trail Suppressor POI Shift

    Bloke has popped his suppressor cherry, and now he needs to determine what the effect is of hanging that great big weight off the end of his barrel... So he took his new B+T Rotex-X 5.56 Compact suppressor, and a B+T blast deflector to the range and tried them out on his CZ 600 Trail .223. What, ...

  • Bloke's 1MADL Entry: Did He One Em Oh Eh This Day?

    Mike (Bloke) 's entry to the 1 MOA All Day Long challenge, with:

    - .223 BMS CAM:
    - .223 Schmeisser SP-15:

    What's the challenge all about? Well, it's a thang we're doing with @PolenarTactical and is looking...

  • Enter The 1 MOA All Day Long (1MADL) Challenge: Can You Do It?

    In collaboration with @PolenarTactical , this is the official BotR announcement for the 1 MOA All Day Long (1MADL) Challenge!

    Even if you don't make 1 MOA, please send us your results anyway!

    TL;DR Rules:
    - Rifle under 10.5lb / 4.76 kg (cf. "Benchrest Sporter") EDIT: but see below...
    - 50 yds...

  • Pillar breech rifles - The missing link?

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    You know round ball, you know patched round ball, you might know squashed round ball and of course you know the minié(ball), but do you know the Tamisier bullet and the pillar breech rifle? You will by the end of this vid!

    A dive into a short 4-5 ye...

  • PART 2/2: 11 Crappy Revolvers On The Range With Budi

    In this episode Mike and Budi try out the second 6 of 11 craptastic mostly-Euro revolvers on the range:

    French Mle. 1892, 8mm
    S&W 2nd Model Hand Ejector, .455 Webley
    Nagant 1895, 7.62mm
    Dutch East Indies revolver, 9.4mm
    Rast & Gasser, 8mm
    M1889 Bodeo, 10.4mm

    Part 1 Here:

  • PART 1/2: 11 Crappy Revolvers On The Range With Budi

    In this episode Mike and Budi try out the first 5 of 11 craptastic mostly-Euro revolvers on the range:

    Swiss M1878 10.4mm
    Swiss M1882 7.5mm
    Webley Mk.VI .455
    Enfield No.2 Mk.1* .380/200 / .38 S&W
    An odd private purchase Reichsrevolver

  • A scoped Baker rifle? Oi Ridley! No!

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    Ridley Scott's Napoleon seems, at best, to be an epic fanfic , which is fine but why oh why was a spyglass strapped to a Baker rifle to snype at Boney? We explore the what-if of this set up, cook up a slightly more believable version, and see if Chap...

  • FN1910 Inherent Safety Flaw: Can Be Put In An Unsafe Condition!!!

    Back in the day when Bloke was doing TFBTV, a gentleman contacted him by e-mail to describe in great detail the "clever" way he carried his FN 1910 loaded +1, i.e. with a full magazine and a loaded chamber. In doing so, he had inadvertently discovered a fundamental flaw and had put his pistol int...

  • Cabin Fever Challenge 2024: Division 5 (Muzzleloading)

    The lads have a go at the @Riflechair #cabinfeverchallenge 2024 in Division 5, Muzzleloading, at 50m with a French Chasseur carbine in 18mm. How did they get on?

  • Swiss Bubba's Martini Jagdstutzer (NOT a Martini-Henry Sniper Rifle from BF1!)

    There's all manner of Martini actioned single shot target rifles and hunting rifles around in Switzerland as left-overs from the era when they dominated the shooting sports. This is a fairly interesting one, converted from a target rifle to a scoped hunting rifle by Swiss Bubba (Bäbbu?). It's in ...

  • French 1867 (tabby) conversion part 2

    In part 2 we explore the why, who and how. Why was it adopted, who was it issued to and how was the conversion done. We also finally have some range time with it.

  • CZ 600 Trail .223 Rem In Detail

    Bloke was so impressed by the CZ 600 Trail belonging to @PolenarTactical that he used on Day 2 of Lynx Brutality 2023 that he had to acquire one. It's a very interesting design of high speed low drag turnbolt rifle (available in .223 Rem, .300 BLK and 7.62x39) but isn't without a few strange de...

  • Cabin Fever Challenge 2024: Divisions 1-4 (100m Centrefire)

    The lads have a go at Divisions 1-4 of the Cabin Fever Challenge 2024, a celebration of traditional musketry run by @Riflechair in Canada. Full details here:

    Basically the deal is, in this order: 5 shots standing - compulsory reload (no leaving ...

  • Firepower United: Calvin and Bloke Q&A

    Download audio as a podcast here:

    Mike's followers provided questions for Calvin, and Calvin's followers provided questions for Mike. That seemed logical to us at the time!

    0:00 Introduction and guest background

  • Firepower United: Calvin Shoots Some Historic Gats!

    Calvin of Firepower United had a cabby on:

    - Swiss Ordonnanz Revolver model 1882 7.5mm
    - Swiss Ordonnanz Revolver model 82/29 7.5mm
    - Swiss Ordonnanz Revolver model 1878 10.4mm
    - FN 1900 .32 ACP / 7.65 Browning
    - FN 1903 9mm Browning Long SR (which didn't work)
    - FN 1910/22 .32 ACP / 7.65 Browni...

  • Firepower United: Calvin Tries Swiss-Style Pistol Shooting at 50 and 25m

    Calvin of Firepower United joined Mike of Bloke on the Range for some Swiss style pistol shooting at 50m and 25m. How did he get on outside his comfort zone while doing some 50m precision, timed and some 25m dueling and Olympic Rapid Fire?

    SIG P210, P220
    Parabellum / Luger 1906, 06/29...

  • Stoner AR-10/AR-15 Direct Impingement Gas System: The Gory Details

    So it's become fashionable to claim that the Eugene Stoner direct impingement gas system used in the .308/7.62 AR-10 and .223/5.56 AR-15 isn't actually direct impingement due to there being an integrated piston in it. Unlike the Ljungmann AG42 and French MAS 44, 49 and 49/56, which... erm... also...

  • SIG P210: Morgartenschiessen Pistol 50m 2023

    ike goes to the 50m Pistol Morgartenschiessen for the second time, with his 9x19mm SIG P210 pistol. No practice, no sighters! How did he get on with this really challenging historic shoot?

  • Schneider vs Snider: French 1867 conversion part 1

    Part 1 or a two part series on the French 1867 conversion, usually called the Tabatière, Tabby or "that French Snider knock-off". In this episode we take a look at how similar the 1867 action is to the Snider and what prior breechloading systems might have influenced it. As a bonus we look at the...

  • Open Bolt Operation Is Backasswards: Sterling, STEN vs AR-15

    You've probably heard all the stories about negligent discharges with open bolt SMG's such as STEN's, Sterlings etc. But what is it about the systems that causes this risk, and what impact does this have with operating them? Why is it backwards compared to normal, closed bolt operation rifles suc...

  • Patreon Q&A, Autumn 2023

    Lots of questions from Patrons!

  • Egyptian Remington Rolling Block

    War were declared with Prussia, a heavy defeat at Sedan, Metz falls and the national arsenal is serverely depleated. Such is the dire situation for the governement of the national defence proping up France at the beginning of the 1870/71 war. General mobilisation is in force but with what can the...