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Watch this video and more on History of Weapons & War

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Official WW1-era British Magazine Doctrine

Britain • 3m 43s

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  • Yes, Some Modern .303 Rimjams Unless ...

    As a followup to an earlier vid (link below) where I showed that milspec .303 doesn't actually suffer rimjams / rimlock due to the design of the rim, here's some commercial ammo (S&B) that suffers it badly. And how to deal with it. As demonstrated with a very nice 1915 dated Lee-Enfield SMLE Mk.III.

  • The Point Of The Lee-Enfield Magazine...

    In which I make a screwup of the words of command due to tiredness, but I think nobody notices.......

    Many thanks to Rob of Britishmuzzleloaders.

  • EXTRA VID: .303 Lee Enfield No.4 0.2"...

    But that's unpossible! How can someone shoot straight with that great big ghost ring 0.2" / 5.1mm battle aperture on a Lee-Enfield No.4! Let alone at 300m! Inconceivable!

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