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Watch this video and more on History of Weapons & War

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QF 2pdr Anti-Tank Gun

Britain • 17m

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  • WW1 2-Inch Trench Mortar

    The British Army entered the First World War with no light mortars. As the stalemate of trench warfare set in and the effectiveness of German Minenwerfers became clear it was decided that trench mortars of various sizes would be needed. Nicknamed ‘plum pudding’ or ‘toffee apple’ mortars after the...

  • Webley MkIV - The 'Boer War Model'

    Adopted by the British Army around the outbreak of the Second Anglo-Boer War in 1899, the Webley MkIV saw action through to the Great War. The last of the 4-inch barrel Webley's the MkIV proved to be a decent sidearm for both officers and enlisted specialists like gunners, NCOs and trumpeters. Ch...

  • British 6 pdr Anti-Tank Gun

    The British QF 6-pounder AT Gun was introduced in 1942, joining the lighter 2pdr, the new gun was more capable of dealing with the increasing thickness of Axis armour. The 6pdr first saw action in North Africa and was used throughout the war in Europe and Asia. It also armed a series of British a...