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  • The dawn of interchangeable firearms manufacturing and the M1777 family

    The star of today's show seems to be a M1786 French light cavalry carbine - a really elegant little arm by the way - but in fact the true hero of the story is Honré Blanc, superintendent of the armoury of St. Etienne from 1763 to 1797. He was in charge of establishing a new method for manufacturi...

  • Why the Henry was not generally adopted in the Civil War?

    This is the last part of the Henry rifle series searching answers for why the 1860 Henry rifle was not universally adopted in the Civil War. The second task of this film is to tell a few words about how to properly handle the Henry rifle. Enjoy!

  • The cartidge of the French M1777 light cavalry carbine

    Dear All, The French Model 1777 smooth bore cartridges are probably the simplest designs among all contemporary military cartridges. They are fast and easy to make. Here is the way it was done according to the military regulations.

  • Examining an original Lorenz cartridge

    Parts of this video were filmed a few years ago when I had a chance to examine an excellent condition paper cartridge for the Lorenz rifles. Some details you will not find anywhere else. Enjoy!
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  • The Mariette double action pepperbox pistol

    The Pepperbox revolvers were the most popular and probably most effective self defence weapons until the introduction of the modern revolver designs. Probably the best and most elegant system was developed in Europe at the end of the 1830s by Guillaume and Gilles Mariette. They worked in Cherrat,...

  • Hunting with the 1860 Henry rifle

    Hunting with the Henry rifle has always been on my bucket list. The 44-40 charged with balck powder is definitely not the strongest hunting cartridge, but is enough for 50-60 meters shots for medium sized game in my country. This is a mesh up of several hunting days well spent in Hungary in the P...

  • How a M1886 lever action rifle is made. Part II. Barrel making and assembly

    In this second part we'll be focusing on the making of the match grade bore. The vital part is the way the rifling is made. The broach rifling process is shown in detail in this chapter. The assembly also shows some of the magic touches that are needed to make a flawless action. Enjoy!
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  • How a M1886 lever action rifle is made today? Part I.: Stock and receiver

    Follow me to the Pedersoli factory to show you the most modern method for making their repro of the Model 1886 Winchester lever action rifle. The first part covers the making of the receiver and the stock. The next part will show the production of the barrel and the assembly. Stay tuned!
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  • The Henry rifle in the Civil War

    The 2nd part of the Henry series is focusing on the use the rifle during the American Civil War. Both the Federal and Confederate side used the rifle is significant quantities. In the mean time I test fire the rifle from 100-300 meter distances.
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  • The Henry rifle - Part I. - The .44 Henry rimfire cartridge

    The .44 Henry rimfire cartridge was one of the first real successful self contained military cartridges. Although it was much weaker than the contemporary muzzle loading rifle rounds, it could still do the job within the normal tactical distances. The first part of the series deals with this cart...

  • Simple method for polishing a rough rifle bore

    This is an original M 1841 Mississipppi rifle in the original .54 cal. It has some rough spots, but all in all the rifing is saveable. Here is my method.

  • The art of the 19th century double rifle by Joseph Lang & Sons: Capandball

    The culture of the double rifle come from the muzzle loading age, when repeating concepts were seldom available. Being able to fire a second or third shot required multiplying the number of barrels and actions. Today the side by side double rifle is still a capable arm. Many professional hunters ...

  • The Pedersoli Mang in Graz percussion pistol

    The Pedersoli Mang percussion pistol is a true piece of art. It is a well made a really comfortable arm. Let’s see now how I can develop a good charge for this elegant caplock pistol.

  • The M1819 Hall breech loading flintlock rifle - cartridges, manuals, ballistics

    This is the 2nd part of the video about the Hall breech loading flintlock rilfe. This part concentrates on cartridges and using the rifle according to the original instructions wruitten by John Hall in 1816 and 1826.

  • Using the flinbtlock Hall rifle's breech as a pistol

    This is something I have always wanted to try since I read Samuel Emery Chamberlain's memoires about the Mexican War. The receiver actually handled better than what I first thought, but I still have question marks about its effect.

    The Hall rifle Capandball film, part 1.:

  • The Hall flintlock breech loading rifle - History of development - Part 1.

    The first part covers the history of the development of the Hall breech loading flintlock military rifle. If you are looking for more info, please visit our Patreon page where you can find 2 studies about the rifle based mainly on primary sources describing the benefits and use of the rifle.


  • Making the repro of the flask of the Hall breech loading rifle - Part II.

    This is the second and final part of the video showing the making of the repro Hall combination flask. In this episode I am making the body of the flask, and creating the repro of the original leather accoutrements. And of course I'll also test it as well. Enjoy!
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  • Making the original flask of the Hall breech loading flintlock rifle - Part 1.

    Let me guide you through the process of making the working reproduction of the original combination flask of the Model 1819 Hall breech loading flintlock rifle. These flasks were in use until the 1840s when they were replaced by the M1841 riflemen accoutrements. They dispensed both powder and the...

  • The Confederate "Sharps" - the S. C. Robinson percussion breech loading carbine

    The Confederate manufactured Sharps percussion breech loading carbines were manufactured by S. C. Robinson in Richmond. They were illegal copies of the famous Sharps Model 1859 carbines. They are extremely rare collectors items, that's why we are happy that Pedersoli is offering their faithful re...

  • The Norwegian M1894 Krag-Jorgensen rifle - shooting and hunting

    This is a good old fashioned hunting review of the excellent Norwegian M1894 Krag-Jorgensen rifle. History, shooting 50-200m and many joyful autumn and winter hunting days in Hungary. Merry Christmas to all of You!

  • Operating the M1819 Hall breech loading flintlock rifle

    A short teaser for an upcoming Capandball film. These are my first shots with the original M1819 Hall breech loading .52 cal flintlock rifle made in 1839. The rifle is loaded with the repro of the originalservice cartridge.

  • History of the Confederate LeMat percussion revolver and the Pietta repro

    The LeMat revolver - even if it is a reproduction - is an arm you want to own once in your lifetime if you are black powder shooter. Definitely different from all other muzzle loading side arms of the American Civil War. This episode covers the history of the development and also shows the operat...

  • The history of the Kuchenreuter family and the Pedersoli Kuchenreuter pistol

    That's a videio I've been planning to make for a long time. The Kuchenreuter familiy is one of the best known gunmaking dyasties of the World, while the Pedersoli Kuchenreuter percussin pistol is one of the finest sidelock muzzle loading percussion pistols on the market today. A good match indeed!

  • Partridge hunting with an original Westley Richards 10ga percussion shotgun

    That's the summary of our annual black powder pheasant hunt using mainly muzzle loading shotguns. These vintage hunting events are closing the target shooting season and they open the hunting season. An excellent way to spend the weekend with friends.