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  • McCann Industries MAS 49/56 in the Elbonian Royal Air Service

    Elbonian Royal Air Service merch:

    In the early 2000s, the Elbonian Royal Air Service was looking for an aerial interdiction rifle - something to arm snipers in dirigibles, for shooting down li...

  • Elbonian Prototype Hakim LMG

    Elbonia had a brief partnership with Egypt in the mid 1950s through which they acquired some early-production Hakim rifles. These were used along with Israeli surplus MG-34 machine gun barrel jackets to build an experimental Hakim LMG for Elbonian service. The gun was fed by adapted German MG-13 ...

  • Elbonian M52/57/61 Paratrooper Carbine

    In 1960, Elbonia set out an RFP for a new carbine for a fledgling paratroop brigade. They wanted a rifle to provide a higher volume of firepower for these troops, rather like the intention of the FG42 in German WW2 service. What they got was actually based on surplus Czech vz52 rifles, adapted to...

  • Ian Ruins the Elbonian Sniper Corps

    Today's Q&A is from Tim on Patreon:
    "The great nation of Elbonia is looking to spin up a sniper program. But they know better than to adopt ZF41 scopes. What rifles do you attempt to sell them?"

    After some consideration, I would try to sabotage the Elbonian Sniper Corps by supplying them with...