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  • The Anatomy Of A Well-Equipped Swiss 300m Rifle Club

    The Chap takes his camera around the rather well-appointed 300m rifle club in Reichenbach

  • Morgartenschiessen 2018: Some History, 12 Shots, And A Discussion On Psychology

    Mike gets up at sill o'clock to go and shoot the 50m pistol Morgartenschiessen 2018. In doing so, he talks about the Battle of Morgarten, its significance, and discusses with his friend Budi the difficulties this shoot presents.


    Lift Music Provided By: Mediacharger: https://www.you...

  • First-Person K31 Operator: Murtenschiessen 2019 FPS with Bloke and Chap

    So back in 2016, Bloke filmed the Murtenschiessen in early-BotR quality, with the history of the Battle of Murten 1476.

    This year, both Bloke and Chap were invited to shoot by the Société de Tir de la Ville de Fribourg, one of the oldest shooting clubs in Switzerland, founded in 1493, so only a ...

  • 100th (and last ever) Neueneggschiessen: History And Shooting

    Bloke and Chap participate with their Schmidt-Rubin G11 and K11 in the 100th and last ever Neueneggschiessen. Includes a history of the Battle of Neuenegg.

    Thanks to David for the footage of the three shots into the cold grave. Here's his Twitter: https://twitter.com/mannedavid
    And the Faceb...

  • Bloke Does The 300m Feldschiessen 2023 With A Swiss Kar. 31

    Bloke went to Aarberg on Saturday 3 June 2023 to shoot the 300m Feldschiessen with his K31 in GP11 7.5x55 with W+F target sights and some Wyss bolt-ons (butt pad and cocking handle). How did he get on?

  • Bloke Does The 25m Pistol Feldschiessen 2023 With His SIG P210 / P49 In 9mm Para

    Bloke went to Witzwil, behind the prison, to shoot the 2023 25m Pistol Feldschiessen with his SIG P210 / P49 in 9x19mm. How did he get on?

    The day before he shot 300m in Aarberg with his K31

  • 300m Aarberg Feldschiessen Final 2023 K31 / Kar 31 GP11

    As foretold in an earlier video...

    ... Bloke made the local 300m Feldschiessen final in Aarberg! How did he get on?

  • Rifle Feldschiessen 2017 With... K11's Over Open Sights!

    For this year's rifle Feldschiessen, The Chap and The Bloke decided to shoot with the worst possible rifles allowed by the rules. So they dusted off their Schmidt-Rubin K11's, zeroed them 3 days prior to the match, and went at it over open sights. Because reasons, but mostly cos they're a complet...

  • Feldschiessen 25m Pistol 2017

    Bloke and Chap try their hand at the 25m Pistol Feldschiessen. Bloke is boring and shoots his SIG P210 two-handed, whereas Chap shows some class and shoots his Luger Parabellum 00/06 one handed like a champ.

  • 300m Feldschiessen 2018: Stgw 57 vs. Bare Schmidt-Rubin G11!

    Bloke and Chap go and shoot the 2018 300m rifle Feldschiessen - The Chap with his Sturmgewehr 57 off a bipod, and The Bloke with his Schmidt-Rubin G11 - with no aids to accurate shooting! Who will win, and will The Bloke even hit the target?