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Watch this video and more on History of Weapons & War

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4-Shot Sauer Bär Pistol

Forgotten Weapons • 7m 18s

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  • East Germany's Secret Walther Clone: ...

    When the Allies occupied German at the end of World War Two, the Walther factory at Zella Mehlis was initially garrisoned by American soldiers (who did a pretty thorough job liberating all the guns they could find there) but eventually ended up in the Soviet occupation zone (and later East German...

  • The History of Drop-In Auto Sears

    When Colt decided to sell a semiauto-only civilian version of its AR-15 rifle, it had to make a number of changes to the design of the lower receiver to prevent full-auto fire control parts from being used. These changes would make a semiauto AR receiver legally distinct form a full-auto one, and...

  • Ugly Pistol Day at the BUG Match: CZ38

    For this month's BackUp Gun Match, I decided to bring out the CZ38 - one of the top contenders for ugliest service pistol ever adopted. It's a single-stack, double-action-only .380 with a weirdly bulky grip, so it's not winning any ergonomic awards either...