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Watch this video and more on History of Weapons & War

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Girardoni Air Gun (Original 1780 Example)

Forgotten Weapons • 11m

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    Before the invention of the roller-delayed system which would become the H&K G3, Mauser engineers in late World War Two built a small number of prototype roller-locked, gas piston operated rifles in 8x33mm, designated the Gerät 06. This would be followed by the Gerät 06(H) for "half-locked", whic...

  • Gaulois Palm Pistol

    The Gaulois (Gallic) was a compact squeeze-type palm pistol made by the Manufrance concern in St. Etienne in the 1890s. It held 5 rounds of 8mm ammunition (similar to the .32 Extra-Short used in other types of palm pistols) and was fired by squeezing the rear grip into the body of the gun.

    As ...

  • Slow Motion: M1 Garand

    The M1 Garand really doesn't need an introduction, does it? The first semiauto service rifle issued in mass quantities, and the mainstay of US Army infantry in the Second World War.