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Watch this video and more on History of Weapons & War

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Krupp 50mm Mountain Gun (Thai Model 1902)

Forgotten Weapons • 4m 55s

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  • Krummlauf Curved Barrel on an StG-44

    Today's item is a very cool piece - a German Sturmgewehr with a "krummlauf", or curved barrel attachment. This is the 30 degree type, intended (as goofy as this sounds) for firing around corners and over barricades in urban combat. A 90-degree version was also made for use in armored vehicles.

  • Krnka 1895 Semiauto Pistol

    This prototype 1895 Krnka automatic pistol, serial number 7, was the first in the developmental line that led to the 1907 Roth-Steyr cavalry pistol.

  • Walther Volkspistole

    As the Second World War started to really take a toll on German industrial production, several companies started to work on alternatives to the P38 handgun in an effort to reduce production cost and time. This is one such example made by Walther, with a normal type of milled slide and an experime...