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Watch this video and more on History of Weapons & War

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Lamson & Ball Carbine: Henry Meets Spencer (Sort of)

Forgotten Weapons • 10m

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  • Lindsay's Two-Shot US Army Musket

    John Parker Lindsay patented a superposed, 2-shot muzzleloading rifle action in 1860, and remarkably, was able to get a contract to sell them to the US Federal Army. The system was fairly simple, with two percussion caps and firehouse leading to a front and rear chamber. The rifle was loaded with...

  • A Mystifying 3-Barrel Percussion Shotgun

    This is a three-barreled muzzleloading shotgun, with two pretty normal hammers on the top barrels and a rather unusual and simple under hammer for the bottom barrel. It has no markings at all, a hinged stock for some reason I cannot understand, and is clearly handmade. And that’s all I got.

  • Converting the Lebel to 7.5mm: The M2...

    In the aftermath of World War One, the French military instituted a plan to introduce a completely new roster of small arms. This would begin with the development of a modern rimless rifle cartridge, which was adopted in 1924. With the new cartridge in hand, programs were begun to develop a light...