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Watch this video and more on History of Weapons & War

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Reproduction 1877 "Bulldog" Gatling Gun

Forgotten Weapons • 9m 59s

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    There is a long-standing urban legend about the Canadian Ross rifle, a straight-pull bolt action that was used in lieu of the SMLE by Canadian troops early in World War One. The story is that the Ross would sometimes malfunction and blow the bolt back into its shooter's face, with pretty horrible...

  • Model 1871 Ward-Burton Bolt-Action Rifle

    The Model 1871 Ward-Burton was one of the early experimental rifles trialled by the US military in its search for a new breechloading rifle to replace the theoretically-interim Allin conversion that made muzzle-loading rifles into Trapdoor Springfields. Four breechloading cartridge rifles were se...

  • MG34 Trigger Group

    We spent some time with Greg from Allegheny Arsenal a little while back, and one of the things we went over was disassembly and reassembly of the MG34 trigger group. When you get one in a parts kit, it's often loaded up with cosmoline and needs a thorough here's how to do it.