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Watch this video and more on History of Weapons & War

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Slow Motion: PKM Machine Gun

Forgotten Weapons • 3m 37s

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  • Slow Motion: Maxim lMG 08/15

    Today we're looking at a luftgekühltes maschinengewehr 08/15 in slow motion - a lightened and air-cooled version of the Maxim used on German WWI aircraft. This particular example is set up as a Zeppelin gun, with a buttstock and pistol grip (guns mounted on fixed-wing aircraft had different fire-...

  • Slow Motion: MAS 49/56

    The MAS 49/56 was the final evolution of a French direct gas impingement rifle design that nearly entered mass production in 1940, but was interrupted by the German invasion. It uses a tilting bolt to lock (similar to the FAL) and a direct gas impingement system to operate (very similar to the AG...

  • Slow Motion: Frommer Stop (1912)

    This week's slow motion gun is the Frommer Stop, put into production in 1912. The Hungarian designer Rudolf Frommer was responsible for a series of long-recoil pistols, of which the Stop was the last and best. It is chambered for 7.65mm Frommer, which is identical in size to the .32 ACP, but load...