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Watch this video and more on History of Weapons & War

Watch this video and more on History of Weapons & War

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Spanish Miquelet Flintlock

Forgotten Weapons • 6m 4s

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  • Smith & Wesson Light Rifle M1940

    The Smith & Wesson 1940 Light Rifle is one of the spectacular failures of arms design, on several levels. It was too expensive, too heavy, too fragile (ironically, given the weight), too difficult to manipulate, and just all-in-all bad. To put the bad-ness in perspective, the British cancelled th...

  • Slow Motion: VG1-5 Volksturm Rifle

    This particular rifle is a prototype of the reproduction VG1-5 (or more correctly called the Gustloff MP-507) rifles that will be available for sale soon from Chuck at The VG1-5 was a gas-delayed blowback design that has been used in handguns, but not in any other rifle designs. For m...

  • Slow Motion: Type 94 Nambu

    The Type 94 Nambu is a much-maligned pistol used by the Japanese military from 1935-1945. It's actually a much better gun than people give it credit for, but we will address that in a later video. For now, enjoy some high-speed footage of it firing!