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Watch this video and more on History of Weapons & War

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World's Smallest Pistol - 2.7mm Kolibri

Forgotten Weapons • 5m 17s

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  • M1895 Lee Navy from the USS Maine

    The M1895 Lee Navy was a rifle well ahead of it's time - a smallbore (6mm) straight-pull bolt action adopted by the US Navy at the same time that the US Army was adopting the Krag-Jorgenson. The Lee Navy was designed by James Paris Lee (the same man who designed the Lee Enfield action), and was a...

  • Moore's Patent Revolver (Swing-Out Cy...

    Manufactured in Brooklyn from 1861 until 1863, Moore's revolver was a 7-shot single-action piece firing .32 rimfire cartridges. What makes it unique is its swing-out cylinder design - the first commercial revolver in the US to use this mechanism. A latch on the back of the frame released the enti...

  • Khyber Pass Martini Pistol

    The Khyber Pass is a well known center of arms production, with gunmaking there going back at least 100 years. The quality of craftsmanship varies greatly, from excellent and safe weapons to thoroughly unsafe guns made with little more than hand files and drills. In the last decade or so, much of...