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Watch this video and more on History of Weapons & War

Watch this video and more on History of Weapons & War

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EXTRA VID: 7.62x39 AIA (Lee Enfield) Frankenrifle's First Ever 300m Outing (With Crap Wolf Ammo).

Bloke on the Range • 6m 38s

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  • Souped-Up Sturmgewehr 57's!

    Starting back in 2003, the Swiss shooting federation approved certain go-faster modifications for 7.5x55mm Stgw 57 rifles in 300m competition. Here's two particularly nice examples of rifles with various permitted ad-ons, including one with a freefloat tube!

  • Zielfernrohrkarabiner 31/43: The Ssec...

    The Bloke presents a K31/43 sniper rifle, the second of two designated marksman / sniper rifles the Swiss army adopted in WW2 in order to provide long-range capability to its infantry. Naturally, this rifle is in 7.5x55 GP11 calibre, is a straight pull, and has a funky periscope telescopic sight....

  • Finnish Lahti L-35 Pistol Disassembly...

    The Chap takes you through disassembling and reassembling his Finnish Lahti L35, which is mechanically NOT AT ALL A LUGER-DERIVATIVE! Also, he explains how it works.