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Watch this video and more on History of Weapons & War

Watch this video and more on History of Weapons & War

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SRA Etelä-Häme Hätila 2023 Finnish Two-Gun Competition

Bloke on the Range • 40m

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    Bloke thinks that the .22 rimfire Ciener type chamber insert conversion systems for .223 Remington AR-15 rifles are cool. Previous results with them have been mixed however. Since he has not only a dedicated V-22 upper but also a variety of twist rates (but no 1:7, sorry), he wanted to see what t...

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    #1: The AK is copied from the Sturmgewehr

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  • Miniés and musketry in a (French) con...

    Following on from the presentation of France's first rifled musket, this vid focuses on the musketry training that conscripts underwent on a yearly basis. See how trigger control was trained, and also, how do you aim at targets at 400m and 600m if your only means of aiming is a fixe 200m notch?