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Watch this video and more on History of Weapons & War

Watch this video and more on History of Weapons & War

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Indoors With A .45

Bloke on the Range • 9m 12s

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    Finally, back in the saddle looking at the trials which led from the Schmidt-Rubin models 1889, 89/96, 1900 and 1905 firing 7.5mm GP90 to the K11 and IG11 firing GP11.

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    Bloke takes his shiny new M16A1 from 1980 +/- 3 years to the 300m range and sights it in. And is rather impressed by it. Chappie rather likes it too! Man of tastes, he is

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    Since I had the very interesting book Verschlußsysteme von Feuerwaffen which contains the best diagrammatic representation of the difference between roller delay (e.g. HK G3 rifle) and roller locking (e.g. Vz.52 pistol), I took it upon myself to make a little addendum to Ian of Forgotten Weapons'...