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Watch this video and more on History of Weapons & War

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Mad Minute Series: Swiss K31 Straight Pull

Bloke on the Range • 13m

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    Vlog of Day 2 of the BotR / SBAM trip. In which we drive up to the awesome range in Lodrino (thanks, Range!). And in which we shoot a whole bunch of stuff. And lots of stuff goes wrong...

  • Long Lee-Enfield to Mk.III SMLE: Some...

    Bloke takes a look at Kevin of SBAM Shooting's .303" MLE Mk.1 and SMLE Mk.III, and talks about the whys and wherefores of certain changes, mostly regarding the sights. And not discussing the SMLE Mk.I in the middle, cos we didn't have one, it's fairly rare, and it's just a kind of intermediate step.

  • Mad Minutes Project - Introduction

    Featuring Lindybeige, albeit briefly!

    This is the introduction to the Mad Minutes project, covering the philosophy of what we were trying to do, and giving some preliminary results. More detailed vids on each rifle to follow!


    7.62mm M1 Garand by Beretta
    .303 British No.4 Lee ...