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Watch this video and more on History of Weapons & War

Watch this video and more on History of Weapons & War

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The Chap's Home-Made Airgun Targets

Bloke on the Range • 6m 36s

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    With the increased interest in World War One following the centenary and Battlefield 1, Verdun etc., The Bloke follows on from his general video about Euro armies typically wearing their pistols on the left in the World Wars, to a discussion about the exceptions to this general rule, and specific...

  • Mmm. Waxed leather. Nice. Leather vs....

    So, some countries ran canvas webbing beltkit, others leather. Why? And how did the Swiss care for their leather gear to at least try to stop it getting all mildewy and nasty?

    If you're interested in this kind of random nonsense, this video is for YOU!

  • Bulleted Blanks 2: The .303 Years

    Stan_Da_Bout from Arrse sent us some footage of him shooting some .303" bulleted blanks intended for the BREN LMG at about the same distances as we did in our video, only in Imperial.

    Thanks, @Stan!

    He gets basically similar results. Which is nice.