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Watch this video and more on History of Weapons & War

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British Pattern 1914 Cutaway

Britain • 1m 16s

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  • The Curtis Rifle - The World's First ...

    In this very special episode Matt examines what is probably the first repeating bullpup rifle - the Curtis. Designed by a British inventor, William Joseph Curtis, in 1866 it predates all other known bullpups. The design never left prototype stage but gain notoriety in 1895 when it was used by the...

  • QF 2pdr Anti-Tank Gun

    Introduced just before the beginning of WW2 the 2pdr AT Gun was more than capable of dealing with Axis tanks at the beginning of the war but as tank armour got thicker it became outgunned. Despite this the 2pdr remained in service and equipped a plethora of tanks and armoured cars including the V...

  • WW1 2-Inch Trench Mortar

    The British Army entered the First World War with no light mortars. As the stalemate of trench warfare set in and the effectiveness of German Minenwerfers became clear it was decided that trench mortars of various sizes would be needed. Nicknamed ‘plum pudding’ or ‘toffee apple’ mortars after the...