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Watch this video and more on History of Weapons & War

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Madsen M50: From the Korean War to Star Trek

Denmark • 15m

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    Denmark's adoption of the H&K G3 is a rather odd story. First off, the Danes adopted the m/66 H&K as its sniper/DMR rifle in 1966, while retaining the M1 Garand as its standard service rifle. Not until 1973 do they decide to update the M1s, and when they do a. major rifle test, the M16 wins. Howe...

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    The Madsen LMG is generally considered an extremely complex and confusing system - but is it really? Today we are taking one apart to see just how it actually works. Because in fact, it's a very unusual system, but not really any more complicated than any other easy self-loading action.