Development of the M1 Garand

Development of the M1 Garand

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Development of the M1 Garand
  • Short: How to Pronounce "Garand" (and why)

    Is it "GUH-rand" or "GAIR-end"? Well, let's find out by asking John Cantius himself...

  • Garand Primer-Activated 1924 Trials Rifle

    The first successful iteration of John Garand’s rifle was developed in 1921 and refined through 1924. A small batch were made for US military testing in 1924, where it was compared to guns like the Bang, Hatcher-Bang, and most significantly the Colt/Thompson Autoloading Rifle. Garand’s rifle was ...

  • T3E2 Trials .276-Caliber Garand

    Sold at auction for $172,500.

    By 1932, the competition for the new US semiautomatic service rifle had been narrowed down to just two designs: John Pedersen's delayed blowback toggle action and John Garand's gas-operated action. Both rifles were chambered for Pedersen's .276 caliber cartridge, ...

  • Gas Trap M1 Garand

    The original design of the M1 Garand as adopted in 1936 used a “gas trap” system instead of a gas port drilled in the barrel. This system used a type of muzzle cap and false muzzle to redirect gas into the gas cylinder in the short distance between the end of the rifled barrel and when the bullet...

  • Some Notes On How The M1 Garand Magazine Really Works And Some More Myths Busted

    As part of his ongoing quest to increase the total sum of all human knowledge (never knowingly understated is Our Man here) and to wipe out Bad Gen, he takes on a couple of myths and common misunderstandings as to how the magazine and clip on the M1 Garand really function. Not how some Ian Hogg (...

  • The M1 Garand's Mysterious 7th Round Stoppage

    The M1 Garand ran great in testing, but as soon as Springfield began to crank out production-line guns a mysterious problem appeared. If the top round in the clip was on the right-hand side, the 7th round in the clip would often run askew and malfunction. Where did this very odd problem come from...

  • M1 Garand Primary Extraction... But Not Really.

    As a followup to an earlier video, Bloke wrestles his M1 to demonstrate how the primary extraction doesn't work. Cos that's not really what's going on with that little helical movement of the bolt as it opens - it's actually doing something else entirely :)

    Also contains a small diversion into...

  • M1 Garand Clip Myths: Will It Ping?

    Yes, another M1 Garand fuddlore video!!!

    In this one, The Bloke hits himself in the head a lot, and throws metal objects at himself. All in the quest to test as much fuddlore as possible and to answer the age old question of "Will It Ping"? Which sounds like a corny 80's gameshow... Based on t...

  • What Ain't Necessarily So About The M1 Garand

    You'll Never Believe What The Bloke Does With An M1 Garand!

    Bloke on the Range blokesplains certain bits of received knowledge about the M1, and how they ain't necessarily so.

    Also packed full of handy tips, like how not to get your thumb caught in the action.