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Short: How to Pronounce "Garand" (and why)

Development of the M1 Garand • 2m 8s

Up Next in Development of the M1 Garand

  • Garand Primer-Activated 1924 Trials R...

    The first successful iteration of John Garand’s rifle was developed in 1921 and refined through 1924. A small batch were made for US military testing in 1924, where it was compared to guns like the Bang, Hatcher-Bang, and most significantly the Colt/Thompson Autoloading Rifle. Garand’s rifle was ...

  • T3E2 Trials .276-Caliber Garand

    Sold at auction for $172,500.

    By 1932, the competition for the new US semiautomatic service rifle had been narrowed down to just two designs: John Pedersen's delayed blowback toggle action and John Garand's gas-operated action. Both rifles were chambered for Pedersen's .276 caliber cartridge, ...

  • Gas Trap M1 Garand

    The original design of the M1 Garand as adopted in 1936 used a “gas trap” system instead of a gas port drilled in the barrel. This system used a type of muzzle cap and false muzzle to redirect gas into the gas cylinder in the short distance between the end of the rifled barrel and when the bullet...